Legal notice

Safety Warning

The amount of hydrogen produced on demand is small, but please note the following:
CAUTION!  Hydrogen is a flammable gas and can form explosive mixtures with oxygen or air. Hydrogen gas poses an immediate fire and explosive hazard when concentrations exceed 4%.  It is much lighter than air and burns with an invisible flame. Before working on an installed HHO system, ensure to extinguish all ignition sources and naked heat, including sparks or flames, disconnect the vehicle battery terminals and take precautions to eliminate static electricity.  No smoking near the generator or its reservoirs at any time. HHO generators produce HHO gases on demand when the engine is running, but when disconnected, there will be residual amounts of HHO gases in reservoirs and tubing.  Allow units to vent outdoors or in a well-ventilated area before working on the units or accessories.

Before using any such product, buyers should read all warnings, instructions on safe use, labels, disclaimers, and all other materials included with products sold on this website. Hydrogen Generators are sold on the understanding that the buyer reads and adheres to the PRECAUTIONS AND WARNINGS OF SAFETY described in the installation to avoid risks. buy this does not accept liability for damages or injuries or for any direct or consequential loss caused by the improper use, alteration of units or maintenance of HHO-generators or accessories. 


For all our HHO generators inside units offered in the catalogue, the guarantee period is increased to 10 years without applied discount or two years if the discount is applied from the date of purchase; other products' variable warranty depends on the supplier unless a different warranty period is expressly stated usually 14 days or up to 2 years.

As far as the law permits are excluded, the liability for compensation is. In particular, BUY THIS Active HHO Carbon Cleaning not be liable for any damages caused by improper use or natural wear and tear or for damage not caused to the item itself consequential damages. The deposit is not refundable! For proper installation and operation of the  HHO kits for vehicles, you can send us pictures or a short video before starting the engine to guarantee the warranty. The warranty becomes void if the damage is caused by improper installation or modification. We are always happy to advise for free.

Warning: Before starting the engine, make sure that the hose is not blocked by ice, a bad one-way valve position, or a broken hose caused by improper installation. Blocking the output for HHO gas irreversibly destroys the HHO main unit and cannot be replaced or refunded.

Please note that if a customs office in some countries destroys this shipment, we will not be liable, and the refund will be cancelled.