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iONS Propulsion Pack for Diesel Engine Stage 3 H® - Save Fuel, More Torque for Cars, SUVs, MPV, VANs, Pick-Ups, Tractors, Boats, Agro, Trucks, Power Generators

iONS Propulsion Pack for Diesel Engine Stage 3 H® - Save Fuel, More Torque for Cars, SUVs, MPV, VANs, Pick-Ups, Tractors, Boats, Agro, Trucks, Power Generators

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Number of Cylinders


  • Big iONS Modules for fuel hoses with a diameter of 12~20mmx100mm;
  • Small iONS Modules for micro fuel pipes with a diameter of 6~8mmx50mm;
  • Wrap the iONS on the manifold pipe: 130*105*4mm;
  • Cable ties 16cm;
  • Long heavy-duty cable ties 1m.

Quick Overview:

🚗 Instantly Improve Your Vehicle's Performance and Efficiency; 

💪 Better torque 10-60% & performance; 

🔧 Fits All Types of Cars, Trucks, SUVs, and Even Planes; 

⚙️ Reduces Engine Friction and Electrostatic Charge; 

💰 Achieves Up to 8-20 in some cases up to 40% Lower Fuel Consumption; 

🔒 No Risk to Your Vehicle's Warranty; 

🌍 Compatible with Modern EURO 5, 6, and 7 Standards; 

🛡️ Enhances Engine Safety and Performance; 

🛠️ Easy one-handed assembly of the ion cells in a few minutes; 

⏳ Long-lasting with a 20-year warranty; 

⚽ Material: Infrared thermo rubber emitting negative ions; 

How Does It Work?

The Power of Ions Kit uses advanced technology to balance ion levels effectively in your engine, ensuring peak performance. This system uniquely leverages waste heat generated by the engine, which means it operates without drawing power from your vehicle’s electrical system, thereby reducing strain on the alternator and improving overall energy efficiency.

Our Power of Ions products offer revolutionary non-invasive, non-magnetic solutions for optimizing the performance and efficiency of not only vehicles but also propeller aircraft.

To shrink fluid molecules or reduce impedance and current flow in cables, for example, high negative ion emission is required. To obtain this energy, infrared radiation from the engine is used. In simplified terms, it is a unique powder used in the space program to accelerate negative ions mixed with different materials (silk, cotton, ceramics, porcelain clay, plastic, rubber, glass, etc.).

Key Points:

  1. Ion Balancing: The kit balances ion levels in the engine, optimizing combustion and fuel efficiency.
  2. Non-Invasive Installation: The kit fits around fuel injection lines and alternator battery cables using cable ties, without requiring any drilling, cutting, or battery connections. Installation takes just 3 minutes per component.
  3. Energy Efficiency: By utilising waste heat from the engine, the kit operates without additional power draw, reducing the load on the alternator.
  4. Engine Performance: Improves engine dynamics, increases torque, and reduces emissions.
  5. Versatility: Suitable for all engine types, including planes, and enhances vehicle performance across various conditions.

Optional Add-Ons:

For comprehensive chassis and tyre optimization, including vibration and noise reduction, additional brown ion rubbers can be added. These are not included in the basic kit but are available upon request. Contact us for more details specific to your vehicle.


  1. Wrap the ionic cells around the fuel injection lines and alternator battery cables.
  2. Secure them with the provided cable ties.
  3. The process takes approximately 3 minutes per component.


  • Performance Improvement: 5-13% (up to 60% in some DYNO-proven cases).
  • Fuel Efficiency: 8-20% improvement, up to 40% in road tests.
  • Cleaner Engine: Prevents carbon buildup.
  • Eco-Friendly: Reduces emissions.
  • No Premium Fuels Needed: Operates efficiently with regular fuel.
  • No Modifications Required: No drilling, cutting, or battery connections needed.
  • Universal Fit: Suitable for all engine types.

Diesel Engine Efficiency:

Diesel engines have a higher compression ratio (14:1 to 25:1) compared to gasoline engines (8:1 to 12:1). This increases efficiency and reduces emissions due to less wasted fuel. The higher compression ratio allows diesel engines to operate at higher temperatures, reducing wear and extending engine life.

Safe Purchase:

We use PayPal for secure transactions, ensuring maximum protection for our customers. Try the Power of Ions risk-free. Feel the difference or get your money back!

We would be delighted if you shared comments about your positive results or made a video of your installation, road or DYNO test, and we will reward you for it.

Learn More:

Explore our technology in detail and read our comprehensive manual here. Watch DYNO test videos showcasing real-world performance improvements on our Home page.

Contact Us:

Everyone can visit us for a free demonstration and real road test. If you prefer, we can meet at Drag Race for a race test. You are welcome 🚗💨💨💨🚀

Infrared brown negative ionic cells, designed for the engine compartment, and chassis, should be kept at least 20 cm and blue 10 cm away from the body for extended periods.

For therapeutic benefits, consider using negative ion products designed for wristwear, such as those found in rubber bracelets, which offer effective results while using less power.

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  • Chris Wallace - Texas

    I was tipped off about the ion kit by a buddy down at the Dallas truck stop, and dang, am I glad I went for it. Not only have the savings on diesel been mighty impressive, but the power kick it adds to my diesel truck is something else. Now, driving through the wide Texas plains is more thrilling than a rodeo. Worth every dime!

  • Emma Brown (London)

    The ion technology kit has transformed my diesel motor both into a nippy little runner and a thriftier fuel consumer. I can’t believe I was pottering about in London traffic without this upgrade. It’s honestly a bobby dazzler—scooting around corners with barely a sip of diesel. Plus, the savings on fuel mean more quid for the pub on Friday nights!

  • Smooth Ride Like Never Before"Carl Henderson (Nevada)

    I've been using the Power of Ions Kit in my gasoline car for three months now, and the difference is incredible! Before, I noticed my car would often struggle with rough idles and a noticeable lack of power during acceleration. Since installing the kit, not only has the engine felt smoother, but my fuel efficiency has improved significantly. It's like I'm driving a brand new car! The installation was straightforward, and the benefits were immediate. I'm truly impressed by how this small change has made such a big impact on my car’s performance. I recommend the Power of Ions Kit to any gasoline car owner who wants to enhance their vehicle's efficiency and overall driving experience.