Shocking Profits: How Much Do Car Manufacturers Make from Selling a Car?

May 4, 2024, Auto Trends Editorial Team

Recent expert analyses reveal that some car manufacturers are raking in astonishing profits from their vehicles. Top performers are pocketing over €100,000 per unit.


Sky-High Car Profits: Over €100,000 per Unit 

The last few years have been challenging for the automotive industry. Manufacturers initially faced declining sales during the pandemic, followed by supply chain disruptions after the eastern border conflict erupted. As a result, vehicle configurations were simplified, and eager buyers waited months for their cars.

A recent analysis of car manufacturers' financial results by Car Industry Analysis reveals that last year, many automakers recouped previous losses.

Ferrari Leads the Pack Ferrari dominates this field. According to the website's calculations, the Italian brand earned an average of €117,927 on each car sold in 2023. Porsche came in second, albeit with a significant gap. The German manufacturer earned €22,747 per vehicle on average. Jaguar Land Rover secured third place, earning €8,511 per car. Here's how the top ten looked:

  1. Ferrari: €117,927
  2. Porsche: €22,747
  3. Jaguar Land Rover: €8,511
  4. BMW: €7,236
  5. Mercedes: €6,992
  6. Tesla: €4,448
  7. Stellantis: €3,624
  8. Subaru: €2,860
  9. Isuzu: €2,826
  10. Toyota: €2,780

These calculations reflect the entire automotive groups, which is worth noting.


Brands like Lamborghini, which belongs to Volkswagen, are missing from the list, although their margins are significantly higher than those of mainstream manufacturers. Ferrari and Porsche are included because they were spun off from their parent companies, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (now part of Stellantis) and Volkswagen.

Ferrari Topped the Chart in 2022, Too How does this compare to 2022? The difference in profit per vehicle was substantial. In 2022, Ferrari earned about €25,000 less per vehicle on average. Tesla was second, making €9,684 per unit. Mercedes ranked third, averaging €7,135 per vehicle.

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