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Watch our detailed videos showcasing the transformative benefits of Power of Ions in engines. Stay tuned until the end to uncover key insights and see actual results in action. Discover how you can significantly enhance your vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency. Don’t miss out—watch the full video to learn how to optimize your engine today!

Quick Review - Fuel consumption test 25% from German customer: CITROËN 1.6l DS3 VTi 120 PSI 2016-2019

Results & Rating:

1. Petrol + iONS Stage 3 + Chip Stage 2: 4.8L/100km, 58MPGi – 41 points 🏆

2. Petrol + iONS Stage 3 + HHO + Chip Stage 2: 5.1L/100km, 55MPGi – 32 points

3. Petrol + HHO + Chip Stage 2: 5.6L/100km, 50MPGi – 17 points

4. Petrol-Before: 6.3L/100km, 45MPGi (baseline) – 0 points

Legend: 0.1L improvement = 1 point, 0.5MPG improvement = 1 point

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Invest in Your Future: Save Fuel Costs for Your Car, SUV, Van, Boat, Bus, Truck, Tractor, Power Generator or Plane!

This table shows the fuel consumption in L/100 km and MPG (imperial and US), the total cost, and the savings of 26% over 20 years for diesel fuel.

Fuel Consumption in Km / Euro

Price per Liter: €1.7 (Diesel)

Fuel Cons. (L/100 km) Reduced Fuel Cons. (L/100 km) Total Cost (€) Save 26% and more (€)
5.3 L/100 km 3.9 L/100 km 88,400 € 22,984 €
10.3 L/100 km 7.6 L/100 km 176,800 € 45,968 €
15.3 L/100 km 11.3 L/100 km 265,200 € 68,952 €
25.3 L/100 km 18.7 L/100 km 442,000 € 114,920 €
35.3 L/100 km 26.1 L/100 km 618,800 € 160,888 €

Fuel Consumption in MPGi / £

Price per Liter: £1.445 (Diesel)

Original mileage in MPGi Increased Mileage in MPGi Total Cost (£) Save 26% and more (£)
56.3 MPGi 76.1 MPGi 74,839.21 £ 19,458.19 £
28.3 MPGi 38.2 MPGi 149,678.42 £ 38,916.38 £
18.3 MPGi 24.7 MPGi 224,517.63 £ 58,374.57 £
11.3 MPGi 15.3 MPGi 374,196.05 £ 97,490.95 £
8.3 MPGi 11.2 MPGi 523,874.47 £ 136,607.34 £

Fuel Consumption in MPG / USD

Price per Gallon: $3.61 (Diesel)

Original mileage in MPG (US) Increased Mileage in MPG (US) Total Cost ($) Save 26% and more ($)
44.4 MPG (US) 60.0 MPG (US) 99,442 $ 25,855 $
22.8 MPG (US) 30.8 MPG (US) 198,884 $ 51,710 $
15.4 MPG (US) 20.8 MPG (US) 298,326 $ 77,565 $
9.3 MPG (US) 12.6 MPG (US) 497,210 $ 129,285 $
6.7 MPG (US) 9.0 MPG (US) 696,094 $ 181,005 $

Explore DYNO reports showcasing the impressive benefits of iX PREDATOR iONS Kits in engines. Experience fuel savings by reducing engine friction. See the difference firsthand and empower your vehicle’s performance today!

Why Customers Choose the IONS Solution Engine Kit

Affordable Price and Exceptional Value

The IONS Kit offers the same features and benefits as more expensive alternatives but at a fraction of the cost. For example iONS kit Solution Petrol Engine for just €174.90 with free shipping, you get a product that is both accessible and effective, saving you not only money but also time in achieving similar results with other products.

Proven Results with DYNO Reports

Unlike other products, the IONS Kit is backed by DYNO reports that clearly demonstrate improvements in performance and fuel savings. These verified tests give customers confidence in the real, measurable improvements they can expect after installing the IONS Kit.

Super Easy Installation

Designed with simplicity and quick installation in mind, the IONS Kit can be easily installed even without technical knowledge. Our detailed guides and customer support ensure a hassle-free installation process, allowing you to start benefiting from the kit immediately.

Significant Performance and Fuel Savings

Customers using the IONS Kit have reported significant improvements in torque and fuel savings. These benefits not only enhance vehicle efficiency but also contribute to longer engine life and reduced fuel costs.

Verified Technology

Our technology optimizes material properties through the modulation of electrostatic and electromagnetic fields with positive charges. By incorporating additional ion components, you can modulate power and fuel efficiency, reduce landing gear vibrations, and enhance the aerodynamics of the propeller. This emerging field explores the quantum properties of materials and the guidance of electron flow, offering innovative solutions for advanced performance optimization. We use silicon-based carrier materials (silicone rubbers with rare ores) that interact with the component when subjected to dynamic or thermal loads, resulting in changes to material, fluid, and gas properties. These properties can be individually modulated and adjusted with varying amounts of high-durability silicon-based rubbers.

Positive Customer Experiences

Many of our satisfied customers have shared their positive experiences with the IONS Kit. Their reviews and feedback serve as proof that our product delivers the expected results and significantly improves vehicle performance.

Long-lasting Durability

The IONS Kit is designed to last, providing up to 20 years of reliable performance. This long lifespan ensures that you get the most out of your investment over the long term.

Choose the IONS Kit and experience the benefits of advanced ion technology at an affordable price. Let us help you achieve maximum performance and efficiency for your vehicle.

Petrol Engine Kit Ions Torque, Saving Fuel Cars, ATVs, UTVs, SUVs, Pick-ups, Boats, Power Generators, and Hybrids -

How Does It Work?

Revolutionizing Efficiency: Power of Ions for Enhanced Vehicle and Aircraft Performance

The Power of Ions Kit uses advanced technology to balance ion levels effectively in your engine, ensuring peak performance. This system uniquely leverages waste heat generated by the engine, which means it operates without drawing power from your vehicle’s electrical system, thereby reducing strain on the alternator and improving overall energy efficiency.

Our Power of Ions products offer revolutionary non-invasive, Non-magnetic solutions for optimizing the performance and efficiency of not only vehicles but also propeller aircraft.

To shrink fluid molecules or reduce impedance and current flow in cables, for example, high negative ion emission is required. To obtain this energy, infrared radiation from the engine is used. In simplified terms, it is a unique powder used in the space program to accelerate negative ions mixed with different materials (silk, cotton, ceramics, porcelain clay, plastic, rubber, glass, etc.).

Negative ions and the neutralization of positive particles are key in reducing friction, a process called Spintronics.

This involves negative ions neutralizing positive particles in materials, which directs electrons into a single flow. This directed flow minimizes friction among fuel molecules, brake fluid, and other engine fluids, resulting in reduced friction and improved engine efficiency. Spintronics uses this principle to optimize engine performance and efficiency.

It also reduces chassis vibrations and directs aerodynamic flows behind the vehicle, improving stability and fuel economy, as evidenced by DYNO test results

  • Chris Wallace - Texas

    I was tipped off about the ion kit by a buddy down at the Dallas truck stop, and dang, am I glad I went for it. Not only have the savings on diesel been mighty impressive, but the power kick it adds to my diesel truck is something else. Now, driving through the wide Texas plains is more thrilling than a rodeo. Worth every dime!

  • Emma Brown (London)

    The ion technology kit has transformed my diesel motor both into a nippy little runner and a thriftier fuel consumer. I can’t believe I was pottering about in London traffic without this upgrade. It’s honestly a bobby dazzler—scooting around corners with barely a sip of diesel. Plus, the savings on fuel mean more quid for the pub on Friday nights!

  • Smooth Ride Like Never Before"Carl Henderson (Nevada)

    I've been using the Power of Ions Kit in my gasoline car for three months now, and the difference is incredible! Before, I noticed my car would often struggle with rough idles and a noticeable lack of power during acceleration. Since installing the kit, not only has the engine felt smoother, but my fuel efficiency has improved significantly. It's like I'm driving a brand new car! The installation was straightforward, and the benefits were immediate. I'm truly impressed by how this small change has made such a big impact on my car’s performance. I recommend the Power of Ions Kit to any gasoline car owner who wants to enhance their vehicle's efficiency and overall driving experience.

  • Peter - A Game-Changer for My Diesel Engine!

    Before installing the Power of Ions kit on my 4-cylinder diesel, I was skeptical about the promised improvements. However, after just a 8km of use, the difference in performance and efficiency was undeniable. Not only has my fuel consumption decreased by about 30%, but the responsiveness of my engine has dramatically improved. The torque increase is palpable—my vehicle feels more powerful and nimble. It's like I've unleashed a whole new level of potential from my engine. This ion technology isn't just an upgrade; it's a revolution for any diesel engine. Highly recommended for anyone looking to boost their vehicle's performance while cutting down on fuel costs!

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Experience a new era in vehicle and aircraft performance with the Power of Ions Kit.

Our advanced technology harmonizes ion levels in your engine, maximizing efficiency without the need for octane boosters or premium fuels. Say goodbye to engine carbon buildup and high emissions. The Power of Ions system utilizes waste heat from the engine, operating without drawing power from your vehicle’s electrical system—this means reduced alternator strain and enhanced energy efficiency.

Forget the hassles of traditional fuel enhancements. Our Power of Ions products offer a revolutionary non-invasive solution, boosting the performance of both vehicles and propeller aircraft. By harnessing the power of negative ions, we significantly improve aerodynamics and engine operation, all without the need for electrical power.

Safely Boost Torque Now!

Revolutionize Efficiency with Power of ions Kits: More Power, Less Fuel, Cleaner Engine

Key Benefits:

No More Expensive Premium Fuels: Operate efficiently with regular fuel.

No More Engine Carbon Buildup: Keep your engine clean and efficient.

Lower Emissions: Reduce your environmental impact.

Energy Efficiency: Reduce strain on your vehicle’s alternator.

Non-Invasive: Easy installation with no modifications needed.

Versatile: Effective for all types of engines including petrol, diesel, and bio-fuels.

Try the Power of Ions risk-free. Feel the immediate improvement in performance, or get your money back!

Feel the Difference – Risk-Free

Experience Enhanced Power and Performance. Discover the New Fuel Saver with Non-Invasive Technology!

Made for Modern Driving:

In today's stop/start driving conditions, our Power of ions kit prevents the rapid buildup of carbon deposits, ensuring your engine runs more smoothly and oil stays cleaner for longer.

Join countless satisfied customers worldwide and transform your vehicle with the cleanest, greenest solution for saving fuel and enhancing performance. The Power of Ions Kit isn’t just a product; it’s a commitment to superior engine performance and environmental responsibility.

Learn More in Our Detailed Manual:

Dive into the specifics of our innovative technology and explore the multitude of benefits it offers by reading our comprehensive manual: Read the Ions Manual.

Power of ions Manual

NASA 1998: Utilizing ion flame in rocket engines.

We've developed and innovated an ion technology so powerful that it has surpassed hydrogen! Now, save 20-40% on fuel and boost performance by up to 60% in combustion engines. Guaranteed ✅ Learn more about non-invasive ions tech!

Read more about NASA ions engines space program

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