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HHO Bubbler 350 ml 6 Psi safety valve

HHO Bubbler 350 ml 6 Psi safety valve

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350 ml Bubbler


- Volume 350ml

- Dimensions H x W x D - 205 x 80 x 55 mm

- Inlet OD 6mm

- Outlet OD 6mm

- 6 Psi Safety valve with a warning whistle

- All parts are pre-installed.

- Colour: Clear / Black 

iX H2 Bubbler Tank

For H2 Generator H2 X-Cell and Dry Cell System

Get cleaner H2 gas safely.

A unique bubbler is an essential part of an H2 system.
These Heavy-Duty Bubblers are exclusive to HHO FACTORY, Ltd.

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