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PTFE pipe HHO hose OD 8mm x ID 6mm up to 260°C strong electrolyte resistant

PTFE pipe HHO hose OD 8mm x ID 6mm up to 260°C strong electrolyte resistant

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HHO pipe push-n-go for HHO KIT X-CELL HHO Generator

Outer diameter 8mm; Inner diameter 6mm; Length 1meter; 


Properties Method Unit

Typical Values

Specific gravity ASTM D792 - 2,14 - 2,20
Tensile strength ASTM D1457 N/mm2 20 - 35
Elongation at break ASTM D1457 % 210 - 400
Compressive strength 1% deformation ASTM D695 N/mm2 4,00 - 4,50
Deformation under load 14 N/mm2
for 24hrs
ASTM D621(1) % 10 - 15
Flexural strength 0,7 N/mm2 ASTM D790 N/mm2 no break
Impact strength (Izod) 57°C ASTM D256 J/cm 1,10
Impact strength (Izod) 23°C ASTM D256 J/cm 1,60
Impact strength (Izod) 77°C ASTM D256 J/cm 3,30
Hardness ASTM D2240 (shoreD) 50 - 60
Friction coefficient - static ASTM D3028 (2) - 0,09
Friction coefficient - dynamic ASTM D3028 (2) - 0,05
PTFE - steel oil lubricated - - 0,02 - 0,06
Working temperature range - °C -200 / +260
Increase in volume from room
temperature to molten state (340°C)
- % 27 - 28
Coefficient of thermal expansion
from 25 to 100°C
ASTM E831 °C-1 16 x 1-5
Thermal conductivity ASTM D2214 W/mK 0,20
Specific heat 0°C - KJ/kg.K 0,96
Specific heat 50°C - KJ/kg.K 1,05
Temperature of distortion 0,46 N/mm2 ASTM D648 °C 130 - 140
Temperature of distortion 1,85 N/mm2 ASTM D648 °C 50 - 60
Dielectric strength (short-time
air thickness 0,5 mm)
ASTM D149 kV/mm 55
Dielectric constant ASTM D150 - 2,10
Dissipation factor ASTM D150 - <0,0002
Volume resistivity ASTM D257 Ohm/cm 10-17
Surface resistivity ASTM D257 Ohm 10-15
Arc-resistance ASTM D495 sec OK (4)
Water absorption ASTM D570 % <0,01
Flammability ATB ASTM D635 sec <5,00
Flammability AEB ASTM D635 mm <5,00


The lower operating temperature limit is usually set by the metal housing and -29°C is the typical lower working limit, however with the correct supporting materials and design PTFE is perfectly capable of working at cryogenic temperatures-200-260°C. The upper-temperature limit is set by the fluoropolymer, and as mentioned previously not by the “lab” specification, but the strength of the materials at temperature and 260°C is the usual maximum – and even this is quite challenging for the materials. When selecting lined equipment, however, one must think of the maximum and minimum temperatures, the potential for thermal shock and upset conditions.

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