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Premium iX 320 H₂ kit for engine carbon cleaning up to 10.0 L

Premium iX 320 H₂ kit for engine carbon cleaning up to 10.0 L

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Introducing the H Kit iX 320: Elevate your engine's performance with 100% pure hydrogen technology.

This plug-and-play kit, designed for 12-14V systems, significantly improves fuel efficiency and reduces emissions. Installation is straightforward – just add water, follow three simple steps, and you're set.

Benefits of H₂ iX 320generator kit:

1. Safety: Separating H from O2 reduces the risk of combustion. When H and O2 are combined, it creates an explosive mixture. By separating the two gases, the chance of accidental ignition is greatly minimized.

2. No Need for Electrolytes: With this separation technology, there's no requirement to create an electrolyte, which often involves acids. The use of acidic electrolytes can be hazardous, posing risks during handling and preparation.

3. Efficiency: Pure H burns more efficiently than a mixture of H and O2. This means that engines can potentially extract more energy from the fuel, leading to better performance and fuel economy.

4. Purity: Separating H from O2 ensures that only pure hydrogen is being fed into the engine. This can lead to cleaner combustion and reduced emissions.

5. Improved Engine Lifespan: Burning pure H can result in fewer contaminants and residues, potentially leading to a longer engine lifespan and reduced maintenance costs.

6. Environmental Benefits: Pure hydrogen combustion results in water as the only byproduct, making it a clean source of energy.

7. Optimal Combustion: With separated gases, it's easier to control the combustion process, ensuring that the engine operates under optimal conditions.

8. Regulatory Compliance: In some jurisdictions, regulatory standards may require the separation of H and O2 for safety and environmental reasons.

With this technology, not only is the process safer and more efficient, but it also eliminates the issues associated with traditional electrolytes and the potential harm they can bring to the environment.

Unrivalled benefits of the H HHO iX-CELL with PWM.

  • H₂/O₂ or HHO Kits are Plug-N-Play Pre-installed; 
  • Ready to use in 5 minutes; 
  • H₂-HHO generator with 5 cells of super low-energy Hydrogen cells
  • 12-14V H₂/O₂ generator 200w 16,6A 12V or max 240w 20A 12V; 
  • Engine Start/Stop vibration sensor with relay; 
  • All User-Friendly; 
  • No bumper installation is required; 
  • The H HHO X-cell is the thinnest and smallest H HHO KIT; 
  • All-In-One, Plug N 'Play ever made in Ireland EU by HHO FACTORY; 
  • LCD 4-in-1: wattmeter, voltmeter, amperemeter, total energy, 6-100V 20A; 
  • Auto power ON H HHO X-Cell when the engine is running; 
  • Auto power OFF H HHO X-Cell when the engine is turned OFF; 
  • Heavy-duty aluminum waterproof case with Plug-N-Play; 
  • The new X-Cell H HHO kits are suitable for tropical heat up to 50°C; 
  • 190ml of deionized water is for 18h or 1800km with 80-120 watts of Low Smoke and Odorless Carbon Cleaning. Maximal fuel saving with minimum watts is for 72 hours or 7200km.

H₂ kit Description: 

  • H 5 cells without useless neutral plates H2 320ml/m, HHO 1000ml/p 240w 20A or NEW*: No need KOH, NaOH and alkaline; 
  • Energy consumption up to 240W NEW*
  • Oxy-hydrogen production up to 70LPH  NEW*
  • H production up to 11LPH  NEW*
  • Water Refuelling approx. 1500-3000km or nonstop production every 30 hours; 
  • Dimension: 16.08 cm x 19.68 cm x 10.79 cm, 6.33" x 7.75" x 4.25"; 
  • Operating voltage - 12-14V; 
  • Durable water tank; 
  • H₂/O generator Working temperature 1°C +70°C.

List of parts for version Plug-N-Play All-In-One:

  • 1x H Generator low energy NEW* iX-Cells waterproof Plug-N-Play pre-installed built-in; 
  • 1x Water Tank 3L MDPE - waterproof Plug-N-Play, pre-installed built-in; 
  • 1x Water level sensor - waterproof Plug-N-Play, pre-installed built-in; 
  • 1x External Bubbler for H reservoir with 6 Psi safety valve 350ml; 
  • 1x PWM with remote control receiver 12-14V 360W 30A GIFT*; 
  • 1x Wifi Remote control sender GIFT*; 
  • 1x LCD Display 240w 20A 4-in-1 Watts. Volts, Amps, Total Energy; 
  • 1x Battery twin cable double-wall +/- waterproof Plug-N-Play; 
  • 1x Fuse holder waterproof with rings; 
  • 1x Fuse 20A; 
  • 1x Cap plug Nylon; 
  • 4x Elbow 1/4" ID barbered 6.2mm; 
  • 1x Clear Pneumatic PTFE pipe 4m; 
  • 6x Mounting built-in; 
  • 4x Cable tie Heavy duty 1000mm x 9mm;
  • 1x Syringe 100ml; 
  • 6x Butterfly bolts M5 Stainless Steel; 
  • 6x Nuts M5 stainless steel; 
  • 6x Flat washers stainless steel; 
  • 6x Spring washer stainless steel; 
  • 4x Self-taping screws Ø4.8mm NEW*. 
* NEW from 30-11-2023.
* No HHO chip, not included 
* No Infra Quantum Ions Rubbers Nano REF, not included 
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