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3L 3.0L (3.17 Quart) HHO Tank Water External Bubbler

3L 3.0L (3.17 Quart) HHO Tank Water External Bubbler

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Using Best Grade of Nylon Materials.

Upgraded with OGO-MF2042 Flange set. 100% solving the leaking issue!!

**CE RoHS Verification

* 3 NPT 1/4"  x 3/8" Tube ID
* Tight-fitting screw cap-non vented - Not the cheap snap-on lid type that leaks HHO gas and sucks atmosphere air
* 3.2 Quart Tank measures 6.33" x 7.75" x 4.25"
* Tank Comes with (2) 3/8" Barbed Elbows and (1) 3/8" Barbed Direct Connection
* Tight-fitting, non-vented filler cap & heavy duty molded side mounting ears
* Connects to HHO dry cell fittings
* Tank is guaranteed not to leak
* Allows the water to circulate in the generator through the tank, makes for a cooling running system and lower amp draw
* 1/4" return and inlet fittings are placed at bottom of the tank for fewer moisture problems on the HHO gas outlet hose
* Thick-walled container, heat resistant, Heavy Duty thickness

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