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HHO Chip Plug-N-Play EFIE Fuel Saving Sport OBD2 OBDII

HHO Chip Plug-N-Play EFIE Fuel Saving Sport OBD2 OBDII

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  • towing, 
  • fuel savings with HHO, 
  • MIX of fuel-saving and more performance, 
  • maximum performance, 
  • if you have a modified engine, 
  • if you have a modified exhaust, 
  • if you have modified air intake, 
  • if you have a modified turbo and more. 

You can set all this yourself via a


    • Simple Plug & Play Installation
    • Use V-Link15 PC Software to tune for Power, Eco, or Mix.
    • Fine-tune your vehicle with simple Yes/No questions.
    • Perfect for unmodified or mildly modified vehicles.

  • INCLUDES: ✔️

    • DSF OBD Power Programmer
    • Quickstart Guide
    • V-Link15 PC Software (via Download)
    • USB Cable


    +10-30HP +12-40FTLB Torque +15-18%MPG

    Gains are dependent on displacement, aspiration, and selected tuning mode.


    No fine print here. It's really unlimited. Reprogram your EFIE Chip for any one of our 4,000+ mapped engines at any time for free. If you experience any defects with one of our products at any time, let us know, and we'll replace it for free.
Facts And Questions
1. Does the EFIE Chip Plug N' Play – VOLO come with different plug adapters for different vehicle makes?
The OBDII plug is always the same, but the connectors inside are different. The EFIE chip recognizes which car it is. Old blue CHIP models were complicated to connect without the possibility of PLUG N 'Play and changing the program or settings of other cars. ✅ 

2. Does the EFIE Chip – VOLO need to be plugged in permanently after the HHO kit installation?
It must be permanently connected, as there is no need for remapping like other software. We prefer the factory setting without changes after disconnecting the EFIE chip. ✅

3. Can the EFIE HEX Chip – VOLO be used multiple times for different vehicles?
 It can be used indefinitely on other vehicles with OBDII. You need to set up another vehicle. ✅
When you receive an order and find that the vehicle you want is not yet in the database, please contact us by chat and send us the following information. We will add each vehicle for download to your chip.
Year (For example, 2005, 1996, 2018), 
Make (For example, Ford, Chevrolet, Mercedes), 
Model (For example, Mustang, Silverado, E320), 
Engine size in Liters ( 4.3, 1.2, 8.1), 
Configuration ( L4, H2, V8, R3), 
Aspiration ( Naturally Aspirated, Turbocharged, Supercharged), 
Fuel Type ( Gas, Diesel). 

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  • Chris Wallace - Texas

    I was tipped off about the ion kit by a buddy down at the Dallas truck stop, and dang, am I glad I went for it. Not only have the savings on diesel been mighty impressive, but the power kick it adds to my diesel truck is something else. Now, driving through the wide Texas plains is more thrilling than a rodeo. Worth every dime!

  • Emma Brown (London)

    The ion technology kit has transformed my diesel motor both into a nippy little runner and a thriftier fuel consumer. I can’t believe I was pottering about in London traffic without this upgrade. It’s honestly a bobby dazzler—scooting around corners with barely a sip of diesel. Plus, the savings on fuel mean more quid for the pub on Friday nights!

  • Smooth Ride Like Never Before"Carl Henderson (Nevada)

    I've been using the Power of Ions Kit in my gasoline car for three months now, and the difference is incredible! Before, I noticed my car would often struggle with rough idles and a noticeable lack of power during acceleration. Since installing the kit, not only has the engine felt smoother, but my fuel efficiency has improved significantly. It's like I'm driving a brand new car! The installation was straightforward, and the benefits were immediate. I'm truly impressed by how this small change has made such a big impact on my car’s performance. I recommend the Power of Ions Kit to any gasoline car owner who wants to enhance their vehicle's efficiency and overall driving experience.

  • Peter - A Game-Changer for My Diesel Engine!

    Before installing the Power of Ions kit on my 4-cylinder diesel, I was skeptical about the promised improvements. However, after just a 8km of use, the difference in performance and efficiency was undeniable. Not only has my fuel consumption decreased by about 30%, but the responsiveness of my engine has dramatically improved. The torque increase is palpable—my vehicle feels more powerful and nimble. It's like I've unleashed a whole new level of potential from my engine. This ion technology isn't just an upgrade; it's a revolution for any diesel engine. Highly recommended for anyone looking to boost their vehicle's performance while cutting down on fuel costs!