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Premium Saving Fuel Chip 3: Eco Sport Towing Touchscreen OBD2 OBDII

Premium Saving Fuel Chip 3: Eco Sport Towing Touchscreen OBD2 OBDII

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Plug-N-Play Professional Touchscreen Power Programmer HHO EFIE DCP Chip
Quick Connect OBD Cable
Magnetic Windshield Mount
Micro SD Card
USB Adapter
EFIE PC Software (via Download)
PERFORMANCE GAINS +10-30HP +12-40FTLB Torque +15-18%MPG:
Gains dependent on displacement, aspiration, and selected tuning mode.


No fine print here. It's unlimited. Reprogram your VP16 for any one of our 4,000+ mapped engines at any time for free.


If you experience any defects with one of our products at any time, let us know, and we'll replace it for free.


Processor: High-Speed 32-bit 48MHz DATA Storage: 8GB PWM: 5V 1-150Hz Dual Channel Sleep Mode Current Draw: ~15mA Screen: 3.5' Diagonal - Full Color - Resistive Touch Size: 115x69x25mm (4.5x2.7x0.9in) Temperature Range: -20 to 70°C

When you receive an order and find that the vehicle you want is not yet in the database, please contact us by chat and send us the following information. We will add each vehicle for download to your chip.

Year (For example, 2005, 1996, 2018), 
Make (For example, Ford, Chevrolet, Mercedes), 
Model (For example, Mustang, Silverado, E320), 
Engine size in Liters ( 4.3, 1.2, 8.1), 
Configuration ( L4, H2, V8, R3), 
Aspiration ( Naturally Aspirated, Turbocharged, Supercharged), 
Fuel Type ( Gas, Diesel). 
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